Water and Boiler Treatment



  1. Economical
  2. Effective


An acid type combination of selected chemical cleaners and for use as a safe and efficient removal of scale, lime, and mineral deposits.

. Works by chemical action without the aid of harsh abrasives

. Gives maximum penetration. Removes deposits from washing machines, dishwasher, water meters, water systems, steam cleaners, diffuser tubes and much more.


This Acid de-limer is designed to be diluted from 1 to 1 with water up to 1 to 20 depending upon the degree of scale to be removed.

. Wet surface with diluted cleaner. Spread and allow to clean and penetrate for 1 to 3 minutes.

. Brush with rag or stiff brush. Rinse thoroughly. Be certain to rinse before cleaner dries so as to avoid unnecessary scrubbing.

. May be used to clean porcelain and metal with appropriate dilution. Spray-sponge wipe or rinse off.


Minimum Order 4 gal.

4 Gallon case

5 Gallon pail

6 Gallon case

55 gallon drum


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